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Hollis is an emerging artist and home to New England. She is an Artist Member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. Her works are featured on her online store and she participates in annual art fairs. Hollis offers a vibrant view; using the medium of watercolor to vividly depict still life, landscapes, macro subjects (close ups) and architecture; using her graphic & interior design knowledge and travels as a guide to style and composition.

Hollis received her bachelor’s degree in interior design from Mount Ida College in 2006. Hollis is thrilled to paint every day. She began painting with watercolor after working and mentoring with Frank M. Costantino and his architectural illustration and fine art firm from 2007 to 2010. Hollis has since found and continues to craft her unique expressions with watercolor. She began Machalarts Watercolor Studio in 2012.

Hollis_PAVT 2013_01

Artists’ Statement


Each painting is a study of light, color, and value. I have a range of subjects but each one is a different reflection of my travels and environment. The subjects mostly consist of still life, landscapes, macro painting (close ups) and architecture. The paintings are photographic in essence but journeys in analysis; of shapes, composition, and detail.
My aesthetic is mostly informed by where I live, where I travel, and what catches my eye. Nature guides the way for the vistas and landscapes. Every still life painting is a reflection of what is in my environment, but also carefully formulated. Still life’s are a chance for me to experiment more with composition, contemporary items, and impulses.
Why Watercolor? The transparent and opaque qualities of this media are fascinating and they always keep me engaged in the work. The media allows me to find new ways to express the outcome of the paintings. One of the most rewarding actions with watercolor is achieving one fresh, effective stroke. It’s my media of choice.

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