• Seagull Flying in Blue Sky

  • Daytona Beach Yellow Sandals

  • Evening Sunset at the Beach in CA


Seagull Flying in Blue Sky

Title: Gull in Flight 

On the Boat to Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Frame Size: 13 3/4″ w x 16 3/4″ h


Daytona Beach Yellow Sandals

Title: Sandals

Daytona Beach, FL

Frame Size: 12″ w x 15″ h


Sunset at the Beach in the evening

Title: Sunset

Santa Cruz, CA

Frame Size: 23 1/2″ w x 14″ h


Aqua Dory_FB

Title: Aqua Dory

Image Size: 10 5/8″ w x 8″ h



Title: Athena

Image Size: 8″ w x 7 1/2″ h

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