Copyright Terms

Thank you for taking the time to read over the usage terms! Here are the general usage guidelines. To report a copyright violation please contact us.

2013 © Hollis Machala
The copyright does not transfer with any sale.
Reproduction using only with written permission by the artist.

Company/Commercial Usage

If you are a company and you feel that Hollis’s designs would be the perfect complement to your products, she would love to learn more about your company. Please contact us.

General Usage FAQ’s

Is it ok to use Hollis’s art on my Flicker or any other photo display, Facebook page, Social Media channel, website or blog?

Yes sharing is great! As long as you do not change the image in any way. Please only use the watermarked images from this website and a clickable link back to this website.

Is it ok to make a You Tube video of Hollis’s artwork?

Yes! Please remember not to alter or change any images and not to sell your video.

Can I print Hollis’s art for personal use?

No, It is not ok to make copies or prints of Hollis’s images without the signed written consent.

Can I change Hollis’s images a bit?

No, It is not ok to alter or change Hollis’s images in any way. Example – No adding extra elements, or animations. Hollis’s artwork is to remain exactly how she has painted it.

I make cards/jewelry/etc and sell them at craft fairs. Is it ok to use Hollis’s images for this?

No, It is not ok to use or copy Hollis’s images onto any products that are made for sale unless you have a signed licensing contract.

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