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May 28, 2014 by Machalarts

Well I am not a vegan by any means, but I was recently introduced to the Colors of Nature. They are a new line of earth friendly watercolor paints.

Before I get into my experience with the paint. I have to say that I applaud the efforts of the family business from Canada that came all the way to RIWS in Pawtucket RI to show their new products. Being a start up myself I know the trials of starting a new business. So my hat is off to the company and I can’t wait to see more products!

I also have to mention that one of the reasons I became a Watercolorist was because I loved the fact that there were less chemicals involved. When I started painting with oils in grade school I became severely sick after spending a day with the paint and the thinner. Even though I enjoy working with oils I soon had to find new paints to work with. To this day I still get head aches and have trouble being around a lot of oil paints. Now I know how someone who loves peanuts and has severe allergies to peanut butter feels.

My experience with the product begins with the paint and the “earth friendly, reusable” containers they were in. I was literally beside myself to find a palette knife from my old oil bin to dish the paints onto a palette…but I did manage to find one and use one of my watercolor palettes to show you all.

Colors of Nature Paints

After working with paint tubes most of my life I found it refreshing to see a jar and know I could possibly use all the paint in the container eventually.

One thing I noticed as I started to paint is that the paints may dry faster than other brands and I recommend getting a palette with a cover to keep the pigment wet, soft, and happy!

There are 13 total colors available…. two kinds of Ochres, 2 Burnt Umbers, 2 Raw Siennas, and 2 Raw Umbers… in light and dark versions. (I think if you wanted to limit your palette even more you could try and get away with getting all but the Medium Raw Sienna, Light Burnt Umber and the Light Raw Umber. These three colors I felt didn’t add much as far as color variety.

The Burnt Sienna looks very similar to the Natural Red but was slightly more transparent in comparison to the Natural Red.

The primaries are Ultramarine Blue, and Natural Red

Chromium Green is needed because without it a green mix of ochre/sienna and ultramarine is very dull. But the mix is a great natural green and can be darkened with Dark Burnt Umber or the Burnt Sienna nicely.

The White ( Good for detail over dark washes)



In my humble opinion the paint does have a overly sweet smell. I would like to recommend this as a plein-air paint because in the fresh air I don’t think one would notice it and I think it would be friendlier to the tree you just painted outside if the discarded water at it’s trunk was diluted with this paint instead.

I was sublimely happy with the vibrant cool gray mix I was able to get from the Ultramarine Blue and the Dark Burnt Umber. (See Palette Sample on Hot Press Paper above)

I eagerly await a vibrant red and yellow pigment addition which could potentially broaden the subject range for professional artists.

All in all I think this is a great product for beginners and a great challenge for professionals due to the limited palette. Below is a painting of mine done completely with the Colors of Nature paints on 140  lb Cold Press paper. I hope you enjoy the spring bloom while it lasts!


White Tree in Spring next to pond.

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