2016 Beginnings

January 26, 2016 by Machalarts

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Happy New Year Everyone!

January is always a quiet month for me. I suppose this month has been the quietest as I took some time off to regroup and think about and plan 2016. Everyone, especially artists need to set new goals every year. This year I hope to keep wowing my followers on facebook with some new watercolor landscape paintings and maybe a few portraits. Another goal for me this year is to get more into my graphic arts work on the computer. As some of you know I have a multi-media and illustration background along with an interior design degree and that has always fueled my passion for art and design. This year I am hoping learn more as I go and discover some new directions for my work. I am always open to your valued input and comments and look forward to you joining me on my 2016 journey.

My number one goal is to make Signature Artist Member at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. This only happens if I am accepted into a Regional or National Show for a 3rd time. My fingers are crossed but I am ready for a new year of painting and as always I will continue to post where my work is headed to show and sell.

Stay happy, healthy and celebrate l’arts,

– Hollis

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  • G. Ricks 2 years agoReply

    Don’t worry about the regional show, you are certain to get in with your great work!

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